Truce Agreement Evony

Allianz-Shop, As you continue to donate every 4 hours a day to Alliance Science, you will save a lot of points, use these points to buy ceasefire agreements in the Allianz store (8 hours = 30,000) (24 hours = 50,000) (3 days = 100,000) that require you to have purchased Alliance Honor to buy in the store. Crazy Egg Event – If this event is an active player and receives hammers from boss NPC and normal NPC, the player can use the hammers to break the balls on the event page and has the chance to get gems, resources, ceasefire agreements and many other rare items. Do this as often as possible when the event is live to stack your ceasefire agreements and gems for free! Many Alliance leaders were irritated when a player resented them, if they did not protect them. But it is the duty of every player to protect their assets, and if you are far from being the most powerful player on the server, you need to know how to get ceasefire agreements so that you are not attacked. There are two ways to do this. My guide follows under or buys packages at Evony Shop. You should now be able to collect at least 5000 gemstones (enough to buy two 3-day ceasefire agreements) and 1x 8/24h is given. Bubbles (ceasefire agreements) can be purchased in the main store: click on the symbol of precious stones – objects – war at the top right and scroll on the ceasefire agreements. They can also be found in the Allianz shop.

5. Opening advanced daily gifts should also have earned you an 8-hour or 24-hour ceasefire agreement. 2.Once you have earned 10,000 alliance points, you buy tribute in the Allianz store. 3. Pay tribute every day in your sanctuary and unlock advanced daily gifts. Also, you get 1 wheel turn per day, you can collect gems in a gem mine and maybe try to increase in daily events in order to get additional rewards. 7. Daily events can send you 660 – 3300 gemstones, depending on the event and the number of courses. 2 – Hospital capacity: Healing forces in the hospital can be expensive from the point of view of RSS and time. But it`s cheaper than having to rebuild killed troops. It is better to have a large hospital bill (a large number of wounded troops) than a large number or dead troops.

The best way to ensure this is to ensure that the number of troops in your city is less than the hospital capacity. If you are attacked and all your troops are destroyed, your hospital capacity will determine the number of wounded against killed. Click on the hospital icon “i” to get details about your hospital capacity. Tips: Much like the camp – the upper level of the hospital has a higher capacity, academic research objects (defense and medical trees) and subordinate Arab cities also increase the capacity. Your monarch talent tree could also increase capacity, depending on the route you take. We have a standard PAN outside of KE. No faiia shots. In KE there are remains and wild keeps. 1 – Storage capacity; Your food, wood, stone, iron resources listed at the top of your screen can be protected by your side during an attack. Click the “i” icon in the warehouse for details….