Sased Collective Bargaining Agreement

Workers should make an appropriate judgment about their ability to report for work. Workers who do not register for work must take reasonable leave or enter into other agreements with their supervisor, as described in the current collective agreement, such as remote work. B, which represent vacation time without pay. With the weather and winter, the potential for late departures and school closures is also getting closer. There are things to remember. In the case of a building/program/district closure due to an emergency/weather situation, buildings are considered open to staff unless it is disclosed that staff are not required to report for work. In the case of a late start for most classified employees: . With the weather and winter, the potential for departure plans and school/district closures is coming. Please ensure that you understand the expectations of your staff and staff regarding weather/emergency schedules. Memos are added to certified and classified staff. There are things to remember.

. RE: 2019-20 Late Start – Weather/Emergency-Related Schedules Memo . KEC-based TOSAS do not occur when schools are closed. Bus drivers will show up to work later than normal to start their routes at a time appropriate for road conditions, according to the traffic director. Get as close as possible to your normal start time, as safe as possible, and no more than 30 minutes before the new study start date. If you are unable to get to work due to road conditions, inform your supervisor and take time off in accordance with your contract. . Don`t log in to work, as it is now a non-student, non-working day. The student days are “set up” during the weather-making days. Weather-related make-up days are contractual working days. Example: the staff is a 6-hour para who works 1:1 with a student and the school is 2 hours late.

The employee reports working as close as possible to his regular service (also taking into account safety) and works his 6 hours. The same is true when the student is absent. Notification is made by announcements, school messengers, website messages. Some staff members were designated as staff and were informed of this designation by November 1. Large staff should come forward, even if the building/district is closed, unless otherwise indicated by management. At late launch times in the rest of the district, when the Meadow Crest Early Learning Center (MCELC) cancels classes for students, MCELC employees report still working for their normal service.