Plo Agreement Social Services

My child`s social worker should do something as part of the agreement, but they did not. What am I supposed to do? PLO meetings can lead social services to tell you what they expect from you. This will then be put into a written agreement for you to sign. (Make sure you ask your lawyer for advice before signing it). If the social worker reports that there have been improvements and you have complied with the written agreement; There may not be a need for the next meeting. The meeting will consider what needs to be done to protect a child from harm and whether it is possible to reach an agreement to guarantee it. The objective is to examine whether a plan can be drawn up without having to go to court. At the meeting, there will always be an additional opportunity for parents to discuss the content of each written agreement outside the meeting. This ensures that the terms of the agreement are reasonable and that each party understands its content and consents to it before it is signed. Then a date will be set for a new meeting, so that the issues can be reviewed and a decision can be made on whether to continue the process of the public service framework. You should keep notes on when you did things that are part of the agreement. Use the table on the previous page to help. The Family Law Group is able to provide advice and representation at each meeting.

We can also ensure that you can clearly and concisely state your concerns. We are able to review all agreements before they are concluded and provide support at every stage of the process. If you are subject to the PLO procedure and would like to have confidential interviews, we have a number of lawyers in each of our offices who can help you if you fill out an application form by visiting our contact page. However, if you need urgent advice from us, we also have our emergency number 08000 320999, which is available as well as a-office hours. A local agency/social worker may have doubts about the care of a child – but they are not yet serious enough to warrant a PLO meeting. Instead, they could convene a conference on child protection/a conference on child protection. Childcare may be concerned about child care and this meeting is used to discuss how everyone can help improve child care. If custody of the child does not improve, child care can apply to the Court of Justice to protect the children.

If you have a good reason why you can`t do something that was on the agreement, let your child`s social worker know as soon as possible.