Billing Agreement Id Or Transaction Id Is Not Valid

Error code: 10761 Error message: Duplication operation in a quick sequence. Description: You submitted two transactions in quick sequence. Please check the status of your transaction before making a different order. Error code: 10525 Error Message: Null Order Total. Description: Your transaction was refused because the order was void. Setting up a reference transaction with Express Checkout requires: Enter here a brief description of your product or service. This description is displayed in the Transactional Details section of your customers` PayPal account. For example, if your Company Honey Comics sells comic book subscriptions, the description of Honey Comics – Comic Book could be subscriptions. This description would allow your customers to easily identify transactions related to your business in their PayPal accounts. Error code: 10750 Error message: the status of the shipping address is not valid. Description: The Status field of the shipping address is in an invalid format. Enter a two-letter status code valid for U.S. states and territories/CA.

PayPal check whether InvoiceID`s values are clear to a particular distributor. If you send an InvoiceID value already associated with another transaction in the PayPal system, PayPal returns that error code. Inform the customer and send them back to restart the express checkout stream. However, you may not be able to correct this error during a real check-out. In this case, change the Express Checkout implementation to ensure you generate unique billing numbers. Error Code: 10756 Error Message: Denied Transaction Description: The transaction was refused because the country and billing address related to this credit card do not match. The ID of the recurrent payment settlement cannot be used for the reference booking. If your settlement agreement includes a different amount, use the reference transaction only for your billing agreement. Please follow the instructions on this site. to establish your billing contract only using the reference transaction. `Reference Transactions` is an authorization PayPal a merchant can collect recurring payments from your customer. Therefore, it is mandatory that you have activated reference transactions in your account PayPal live.

This feature is not enabled by default in your PayPal Sandbox account. To enable this feature, contact PayPal support by phone and indicate the business account in which this feature should be enabled. If you are unable to activate it, contact [email protected] Error code: 10604 Error message: authorization must contain both the buyer and seller. Description: The authorization transaction cannot be unilateral.